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The New Republic.

As part of the autumn festival in Poitou-Charentes, the Coréades offered a sacred music concert in the Cormenier church. This event, conducted in partnership with the DRAC, the regional council, the general council and the municipality of Beauvoir, aims to promote music in rural areas.
The artists have perfectly illustrated this initiative. Claire Millon, soprano, and Frédéric Chauvigné, on keyboard, offered an exceptional moment to the public, drawing from the world repertoire of sacred music, they interpreted a choice that traveled through time.
The public was able to appreciate the mastery of these two national and international class artists. Claire Millon's warm, clean and precise voice blended into celestial harmony with the sounds of the keyboard which accompanied it. The Romanesque vaults of Saint-Eutrope extended these agreements by creating an atmosphere where we could perceive the quality of silence.
This complicity between the melodies and the architecture, between the past and the present was the result of the talent of the two artists.



The New Republic.

Atmosphere of contemplation at the abbey church of Saint-Jouin-de-Marnes with a vocal concert on the theme of sacred music for more than two hundred listeners. Everyone was able to appreciate the flexibility of Claire Millon's intonations from full voice to whisper and her expressive richness bringing confidence, tenderness, joy and sometimes vehemence one after the other.

The understanding was perfect between the singer and the pianist, Frédéric Chauvigné, particularly inspired on his 19th century instrument. The works presented offered a journey through time and space, classical and medieval hymns. Celtic melodies and also the heights of emotion that are Schubert's Ave Maria and the song "Sur la lagune" taken from Berlioz's Summer Nights. The erudition was on point with the astonishing reconstruction of three hymns from antiquity. Popular expression also like this pilgrims' melody punctuated by the tambourine. Through two very personal works, with tight and concentrated writing, Frédéric Chauvigné showed his own talent as a composer. Several reminders highlighted the interest that the listeners present had felt at this evening. The association of friends of the abbey church, which organized the concert, hopes through such events to participate in the promotion of this remarkable monument whose acoustics also lend themselves wonderfully to singing.


West France.

Claire Millon on vocals and transverse flute and Frédéric Chauvigné on piano and synthesizer gave, Friday evening at the chapel of the Palais d'Argentré, a marvelous concert of sacred music "From here and elsewhere, from yesterday and Today "

When Claire Millon began with a first traditional Scottish song from the 16th century, emotion gripped the audience. His voice of purity and warmth coming from the depths of the ages knows how to translate mysticism as well as the sacred, joy as well as gentleness, lightness or compassion. Singing, for Claire Millon, is a lifelong passion. After the conservatory, she was a chorister then a soloist in several vocal ensembles. “I wanted to create a show with the poems of a friend, and on this occasion I had the chance to meet Frédéric.” From this meeting, the talent of the two artists will be sublimated in total osmosis.

Frédéric Chauvigné started playing the piano at the age of 7. A professional musician since 1987, he directs the Niort Musical Studies Center after taking courses at the musicology faculty of Poitiers. He accompanies Herbert Léonard, plays Astor Piazzolla with the National Symphony Orchestra of Rousse (Bulgaria). He also composes, and his “Piece for Damien” left the audience totally under the spell and emotion.

Both artists are true troubadours of our time. They sing, compose, perform for beauty, for music, for the emotion they give and receive. As they played and sang on the Chemins Compostela, their path took them to Sées, and it was an unforgettable visit punctuated by a “Glory, glory, Halleluya” echoed by the audience.


Upper Saintonge.

     One day or another, you will come across this couple on your path. She is Claire Millon whose voice is as clear as the water in a fountain. As a teenager, her voice was revealed in the church of Marcillac Lanville: "I remember that I was taking part in excavations. I was in the choir and I started to sing. I then felt immense happiness. Subsequently, thanks to my parents, I transformed my passion into a profession.” Years of musical and stage training, music theory and choral singing followed. She learned to play several instruments including the piano, the oboe and the transverse flute. From 1982, the concerts followed one another, varied. Claire Millon loves traditional French songs as much as Celtic accents or African percussion.

     In 1999, his meeting with Frédéric Chauvigné was decisive for the rest of his career. This experienced pianist is the author (among others) of "soleil noir", a work for saxophone, double bass, drums and accordion, created for the national stage of Niort and of "return from Acadie" for the new theater of Châtellerault. Two years ago, he accompanied Herbert Léonard and C. Jérôme on the keyboard, two artists who no longer need to be introduced. Other activities populate his busy life. No one will deny his excellent performances since a professional luthier, listening to one of his pieces, thought that he was really playing this instrument even though he had used a synthesizer. “One fine morning, in the mail I received a cassette that Claire had sent me. I was immediately interested. After getting to know each other better, we thought we could work together” he emphasizes .

     Thus was born the duo Claire Millon and Frédéric Chauvigné. The same taste for sacred music “from here and elsewhere, from yesterday and today” unites them. From the fall of 1999, they performed in concert at Sablonceaux, Fontcouverte, and the cloister of Chalais. Why did you choose sacred music? The answer is obvious: "in all ages, its vocation has been to open the soul to the divine message and thereby, to give thanks together."

     The compositions of Frédéric Chauvigné, for their part, are "the testimony of a talent open to numerous musical forms which he adapts to the context with accuracy and poetry. His interpretations on the piano release a powerful and tangible emotion".

     Claire Millon sings in eleven different languages, ranging from Schubert's Ave Maria to Byzantine chant in Greek, from Gregorian chant to the Sephardic romance of 15th century Spain, from Vivaldi to the "glory glory hallelujah" of traditional gospel: “I have no preferences. Through songs, I seek a feeling of elevation” she explains.

     Each time, the public is won over. “Superb” say the reviews.

To Haute-Saintonge

     Aware that they should not stop there, Claire Millon and Frédéric Chauvigné decided to go further by organizing concerts on the road to Santiago de Compostela. Itinerary about which Saint Jacqueline Colson spoke so well to us in a recent edition. “Our project does not stop at performances. In partnership with the diocese, the Pastoral Ministry of Tourism in particular, we plan to take disabled adults with us” declares Claire Millon. The General Councils (Charente-Maritime and Deux-Sèvres) and the Poitou-Charentes Region will contribute their financial contribution to the building. The group will leave at the beginning of June. Evenings are planned in Deux-Sèvres then in Charente from June 29 in Blanzay before joining the seagull department: Aulnay (the jewel of the Romanesque churches) on June 30, St Jean d'Angély on July 3, Douhet on July 5, Saintes on July 7, Pons on July 9 then Avy, Plassac and Mirambeau, the following days. “We have been considering making this idea a reality for a long time, but we were waiting for it to mature before entering into the concrete phase.” Each stage will be approximately 15 km. If you would like to accompany travelers on foot or by bike, you will be welcome! Furthermore, the duo will perform in Saintonge on May 5 in Thénac on the occasion of the flower fair, on May 13 in Chaniers, on August 15 in Aubeterre and on August 24 in Talmont.

     Notice to music lovers.



It was initially a curious audience who took their place this Thursday, July 13, on the pews of the church. Little by little he became attentive, then moved, realizing that he was witnessing a performance made impressive, and at the same time imbued with religious respect, by its performers.
This recital proposed by Mr Huleux, President of the Cultural Commission of the Community of Communes of Haute Saintonge (and offered by the latter), presented to music lovers, informed or not, Claire Millon and Frédéric Chauvigné; a cooperation dated April 2, 2000, and a joint association which therefore brings together the talents of a professional musician since 1987, and a singer with a repertoire as rich as it is diverse, since she evolves in 7 languages! Latin, ancient Greek, 15th century Spanish (Castilian-Catalan), Gaelic, Italian, English and...French!
These two accomplished artists through their respective experience - which ranges from 15 years of conservatory for Claire Millon, in music theory, singing and transverse flute, to an author-composer and pianist performer for Mr. Chauvigné -, therefore offered this day, the entire anthology of 'a remarkable aptitude, worked on and acquired over the years. A journey which today seems close to accomplishment expressed through songs and music with "spiritual feelings" in their own terms.
Thus we were able to hear a capella, a voice both warm and crystalline, in an Irish song, at the opening, transporting us to a distant land with inaccessible horizons; listen to a tribute to the grandeur and beauty of the mountains composed by Mr Chauvigné, and directly inspired by his travels in the Alps, executed with flexibility and energy; still hear Scottish, Gregorian, Byzantine chants, a 15th century romance (Sephardic) ... up to gospel, through the classic and the unmissable Ave Maria... testifying to the generosity of these musicians.
The nave of the church has restored its purity to a voice as surprising as it is unexpected, seeming to come from the depths of the ages... A true invitation to travel, as the performers are so steeped in their history, they have captured the souls towards a firmament of emotion, touching on symbiosis, in a place where magic happens.
The audience rose to give the two artists a standing ovation. In a word, “superb”! if we can reduce music to one word or a hundred. It is a language, they taught us, which can be listened to, vibrated, but above all felt. A sixth sense...
Some dates: August 18, Préguillac church, September 1, Boresse and Marton; they will also participate in the international festival of Symi, in Greece.

“Gefühlvolle Klänge” – “Sounds full of feeling”
The Duo Spiritalis concert in the St Angela High School performance hall was spiritual, ethereal, simply beautiful.
French singer Claire Millon and pianist Frédéric Chauvigné made a strong impression thanks to their passion for music.
One hundred people responded to the invitation from the Wipperfürth-Surgères twinning committee.
The listeners had time, during the 14 pieces presented, to give free rein to their feelings and to enjoy the music.
The concert program included songs in ten different languages: “we would like to bring you closer to the cultures of different countries through their music, but also the communion that results from it” says Frédéric Chauvigné.
The concert began with the melancholic piece “Ailein Duinn” which was sung in Gaelic with great feeling. It was only after the last sound of the instruments resounded in the dark school hall that the amazed listeners allowed themselves to applaud.
There were also English, Galician-Portuguese, Finnish songs…. A particularity was the Norwegian song “Eadnan Bakti” which the singer sang in Sami (a Norwegian tribe) and always with interludes which she interpreted herself on the transverse flute.
Frédéric Chauvigné impressed many with two pieces of his composition which he presented, alone at the piano.
For Monica Burgmer and Siebert Jörges (Syndic of Wipperfürth), it was a special evening. “We received a gift of invitations from a very dear friend and we are very happy to be here.
The evening ended with a glass of wine at the fireplace.



The inhabitants of La Roche-Mabile (61) and its surroundings came in large numbers to the concert given last Sunday in the Saint-Pierre church by the Duo Spiritalis (Claire Millon and Frédéric Chauvigné), accompanied by talented musicians, Juliette Lacroix at cello, Francis Coletta on guitar and Damien Chauvigné on percussion. The exceptional voice of Claire Millon resonating in this place was magical. They delighted the public under the spell of these ancient and traditional songs.

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